My Ex continues to be in Love with myself. What is the Right Action To Take?

Reader Question:

My ex is still crazy myself and I also’m dating his companion. About four to five several months ago, I broke up with my personal boyfriend of seven months. We just weren’t right any longer. Today a month . 5 afterwards, he confessed they have and constantly will like myself.

Note: I’m a teen, so this is various relationship than adults.

What is the proper course of action?

-Rebekah (United States)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Rebekah:

What is the “right” action to take is actually a very various concern from what “should” i really do. This is not an etiquette question. This is certainly a concern concerning your thoughts, the emotions of your ex-boyfriend additionally the thoughts of their companion.

You have got quite a nest of thoughts to take into consideration here, darling. The number one I can perform is always to outline a few pre-determined questions to give consideration to.

First of all, when he was the man you’re seeing, do you separation since you two weren’t suitable or as you missed a way to learn some dispute resolution abilities?

And is your ex lover really in love with you now, or maybe you’ve become more attractive since you are holding arms with his closest friend?

And how about the objectives of his friend? Is actually the guy competing along with his buddy or being a truly mindful sweetheart?

We disagree along with you about a factor. Dating for youths isn’t really different than dating for adults. Every union we’ve got affects almost every other connection we are going to have. We are training ourselves become an excellent partner our schedules.

Are you teaching themselves to be kind, devoted and honest while being obvious about getting your requirements met? Or are you currently bowing to demands from men in tries to feel “liked.”

My personal recommendation: evaluate who you will be, what you want and communicate that clearly to both men. Its how you feel that issue right here.

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